Linked initiatives & previous research

The most relevant and recent projects dealing with aspects related to the proposed activities in LONGRUN:

Well-To-Wheels Report – v5 (2020)

JRC (the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission), EUCAR and Concawe have updated their joint evaluation of the Well-to-Wheels energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for a wide range of potential future fuel and powertrain options, first published in December 2003. As an update of the previous version, the objectives of JEC WTW v5 are to establish, in a transparent and objective manner, a consensual Well-to-Wheels energy use and GHG emissions assessment of a wide range of automotive fuels and powertrains relevant to Europe in 2025 and beyond. This versions updates the technologies investigated and applies a common methodology and data-set to estimate WTW emissions.
This WTW version 5 concentrates on the evaluation of energy and GHG balances for the different combinations of fuel and powertrains, in road transport. The current version 5 investigates, for the first time, the heavy duty segment, thus expanding the scope of the previous versions of the study. >>> Download the report

Linked projects

  • ADVICE – H2020
    • Strategies developed for connected hybrid vehicles Eco-routing, CLOUD services, HMI interface, Eco-driving, Energy and Thermo management; Hybrid vehicle, cloud-based energy management.
  • AEROFLEX – H2020
    • New technologies, concepts and architectures for trucks with optimised aerodynamics, powertrains and safety systems” – reduced aero drag, safer, comfortable, configurable and cost effective and energy efficient.
  • ASSURED – H2020
    • Developing test method and certification for high power DC charging for Heavy Duty E-vehicles and to reach interoperability of the different applications and brands. Innovative energy storage systems and charging.
    • Involved partners: AVL, FEV, IDIADAIRIZAR, IVECO, VDL, VUB
  • ECOCHAMPS – H2020
    • Development of Daily Dual energy ECOCHAMPS: European COmpetitiveness in Commercial Hybrid and AutoMotive PowertrainS.
    • Involved partners: AVL, DAF, FPT, IVECO, TECNALIA, UNIRESEARCH
  • Everlasting – H2020
    • Everlasting-Optimize energy consumption and to extend the operation range and durability of E- buses in the city by developing advanced communication protocols and related energy models including the interaction of the energy consumers.
    • Involved partners: TUE, VDL
  • GV02-2016 Cluster – H2020
  • GV-07-2017 Cluster – H2020
    • CEVOLVER – Connected vehicles; Electric vehicle, user acceptance, independent cloud-based services and controls.
      ACHILES – Advanced Architectures Chassis/Traction concept for Future Electric vehicles; Torque Vectoring related results to be used for IRIZAR.
      FITGEN – Functionally Integrated E-axle Ready for Mass Market Third GENeration Electric Vehicles; Vehicle powertrain & traction.
  • HDGAS – H2020
  • IMPERIUM – H2020
    • IMplementation of Powertrain control for Economic, low Real driving emIssions and fuel ConsUMption.
    • Involved partners: AVL, DAF, FEV, GARRET, IVECO, TUE, VOLVO
  • OPTITRUCK – H2020
    • Powertrain control optimisation for fuel economy. Fuel efficiency and powertrain calibration technologies.
    • Involved partner: FORD
  • ORCA – H2020
    • Definition of a new system architecture for a cost efficient multimodal hybrid bus; Optimised Real-world Cost-Competitive Modular Hybrid Architecture for Heavy Duty Vehicle.
    • Involved partners: IVECO, UMICORE, VOLVO, VUB
  • PHOTOFUEL – H2020
    • Photofuel studies and advances the biocatalytic production of alternative liquid transportation fuels, which require only sunlight, CO2 and water. Development and assessment of new Fuel Pathways for HD applications.
    • Involved partners: FEV, IFPEN, NESTE, VOLVO
  • REDIFUEL – H2020
  • ZeEUS – FP7
    • Zero Emissions Bus Systems; Demonstration of Electric buses as urban public transport to evaluate the different types of solutions including new charging solutions.
    • Involved partners: IDIADA, IRIZAR, RWTH, VDL