Applus+ IDIADA offers design, testing, engineering, and homologation services to the automotive industry worldwide. Our reputation is founded on the expertise of an international team of more than 2,100 engineers and technical experts, our first class facilities, our client focus and a constant drive towards innovation. An international network of subsidiaries and branch offices in 25 countries ensures that customers receive a fast and personalised service. We support our clients in their product development activities by providing them with engineering, testing and homologation services that fit their needs. IDIADA is involved in many international projects including EU-funded collaborations. The PEMs4Nano project complements part of the activities conducted in the department of Powertrain Emissions.

Located in Santa Oliva, Spain
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IDIADA will support activities and lead the validation of the developed interfaces within the developed simulation platform to ensure the quality of the calculations made by the developed platform, validate its prediction capability and the evaluate the feasibility to be included in the VECTO roadmap. IDIADA will lead the assessment and evaluation of the developed applications to guarantee that the project objectives and KPIs are accomplished. Furthermore, IDIADA will also manage the discussions with the advisory board in terms of new regulations and technologies.