The Irizar Group is a leading business group with an international presence founded in 1889, with more than 130 years of history. Currently is involved in six sectors: passenger transport, electromobility, electronics, electric motors and generators, connectivity, and energy.
Irizar, S. Coop is the parent company of the Group and leads the sector of coaches and buses in Spain and is a reference worldwide.
The Irizar Group is comprised of 7 brands (Irizar, Irizar e mobility, Alconza, Datik, Hispacold, Masats, and Jema) with operations in 13 production plants in Spain, Morocco, Brazil, Mexico, and South Africa, in addition to its own R&D centre.

A Group comprised of more than 3350 people, with a commercial presence in five continents and with a turnover of 700 million euros.

Founded in 1889, today, the Irizar Group is well established. It is geographically
and industrially diversified, continuously growing and firmly committed to the brand, technology, and sustainability.

In Spain, the evolution of IRIZAR has been very positive due to the clear commitment that the company has made since its inception in the field of Research, Development and Technological Innovation, a differentiating fact that has placed it as one of the most competitive companies in the world, presenting innovative and advanced solutions, always at the technological forefront. This means that the company constantly invests in the improvement of technology, the development of new and improved products, as well as the improvement in the approach to customers and service offered, together with the collaboration with the chassis manufacturers and the great effort made in the expansion and development of the product range. All this has led to have a market share in the order of 42% in Spain.

In terms of its activities and products, IRIZAR manufactures short, medium and long-distance coaches with enormous flexibility, adapting them to different markets and requirements, according to the needs of each client. Today Irizar offers a wide array of products and technological solutions ranging from 100% electric buses to hybrid or bio-diesel technology in class II models for urban and inter-city services or integral and conventional buses and coaches allowing them to cover all segments of public passenger transport including occasional transport and public, urban, inter-city and long distance transport.

Creatio is the Irizar Group Research and Development Centre and enhances the Group’s capacity for applied research and technological development for its products and systems. It combines the synergies and technological capabilities of the Group’s companies and is the result of the Irizar Group’s key strategy of ongoing commitment to industrial innovation.


Located in Ormaiztegi, Spain
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In the LONGRUN project, Irizar has been assigned the task:Long Haulage hybrid HVO fuelled ICE Coach. Irizar will develop a new hybrid intercity bus that has a customised Hybrid Control Module and incorporates SotA ICE and smart auxiliaries, which will allow it to meet the CO2 emission and energy usage reduction targets. The new customised HCM will make it possible to offer all the improvements proposed and have greater flexibility and new modes of operation of the coach, enabling a lower energy consumption. To foster energy savings, smart HVAC will be incorporated. After integrating all the sub-systems and designing the electrical system topology and software, the prototype of the new coach will be manufactured and tested for ensuring the fulfilment of the defined requirements and specifications, as well as the expected environmental targets.

In order to guarantee the expected impact of the work-programme, Irizar will take care of and will be involved in Use Cases.