Siemens Digital Industries Software

Siemens Digital Industries Software SAS, formerly the LMS Imagine company prior to its acquisition by Siemens PLM in 2013, develop for over 20 years the Simcenter Amesim system simulation solution. Involved research teams are located in Lyon and Roanne, in France, and count over 150 researchers and engineers, have developed physical libraries with over 5000 validated components enabling time and frequency domain simulation of complex systems, and more specifically automotive systems. The Simcenter Amesim system simulation solutions are distributed at worldwide level, mainly serving automotive, aerospace and energy businesses, from early design to hardware in the loop testing.

Complementary, Amesim teams are extending their capabilities by combining tools and expertise with the latest Siemens DF PL STS acquisitions, like CD ADAPCO, TASS or Mentor Graphics. To sustain its competitiveness and technology, Amesim teams are engaged in internal and open research activities (partnerships and collaborative projects).

Located in Chatillon, France
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In LONGRUN, Siemens will support the ZUEZ Coach modelling and simulation activities to preliminary assess virtual integration, performances and efficiencies, support control strategies testing and ensure data export compliance with VECTO needs.