Graz University of Technology

Graz University of Technology (TUG), Institute for Internal Combustion Engines and Thermodynamics, Austria is a research facility in the field of development, measurement and modelling of new propulsion and vehicle technologies with conventional and alternative fuels as well as for the assessments of impacts from the transport sector on the environment. In addition TUG performs research in the general field of technical thermodynamics for mechanical engineering.

TUG carried out and still works in several national and international long lasting research projects in the areas of propulsion systems for vehicles with special emphasis on energy consumption and emission reduction. In the specific project mainly the long history in supporting the Commission in the development of the methods, the regulatory text and the corresponding software for HDV CO2 determination and CO2 monitoring and limit regulations is relevant. TUG is coordinating the work of the consultant team for DG Grow and DG Clima since 2010 (LOT2-Project) and is also elaborating in current projects methods to include hybrids, waste heat recovery and other actual technologies in the CO2 certification method and in the VECTO software (see references below recent related projects).

Located in Graz, Austria
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TUG is coordinating and operating the tasks related to extensions of the VECTO software. This covers programming work to implement VECTO into the LONGRUN software platform, to support software in the loop applications in VECTO and to cover the new technologies developed within the project. User support will be provided to all partners to apply VECTO to evaluate fuel and CO2 savings in line with the regulation and all validation activities will be supported by operating the software.