3 – Reports

1. Thermodynamic layout and combustion concept [AVL – Dec 2020]
Thermodynamic cycle simulation (1D), specification of basic engine parameters such as compression ratio, EGR- and charging concept, heat release characteristic, peak cylinder pressure.

2. Report on high efficient combustion system [AVL – Aug 2021]
Development of combustion concept on SCE, definition and performance of final concept.

3. Air handling concept, performance and control validation test [EATON – Dec 2021]
Electrically propelled Roots device optimized for given application, including integration of the motor and definition of low-level controller ready for integration with ECU.

4. Full size catalysts optimised according to the hybrid engine concept [UMICORE – Mar 2022]
Definition of coating formulation and catalyst design according to the catalytic performance needed to enable the defined system architecture. Preparation and delivery of full size catalyts for validation by engine testing.

5. High efficient hybrid engine concept performance test [VOLVO – Jun 2022]
Prototype. Report on the delivery of the prototype hardware of hybrid powertrain for lab test. It also includes a description of the software for control strategies.

6. New design of electric motor HD hybrid application, performance and validation test [CHALMERS – Oct 2022]
In this deliverable, CHALM will provide a full-size prototype of electric drive system including electric motor, power inverter, and control system.

7. Hybrid concept layout and performance test [VOLVO – Dec 2022]
Report. Report regarding the lab test results from right sized hybrid engine. Test results should show engine efficiency towards 50%.

8. Final complete hybrid powertrain test [VOLVO – Apr 2023]
Report regarding lab test results from complete hybrid powertrain. The test should demonstrate the fuel saving target and emission compliance.

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