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Lead partner: TECNALIA

1 – Results
1 – Objectives


1. Definition of models’ interface and adaption of optimised models [VUB – Jun 2021]
A report on the model interfaces and key required models that will be used in the simulation platform. This report will also present the required adaption of the obtained models from other EU projects according to the use-cases (see “Impact”) -> Public Summary

2. LONGRUN simulation platform specifications and architecture design [TECNALIA – Dec 2021]
A report containing specifications and the architecture of the LONGRUN simulation platform (mainly focused on interfaces definition to assure scalability), which will be an enabler tool to test vehicle with different subsystems and components in simulation and in SiL setup -> Public Summary

3. Integration of the LCA analysis on the simulation platform with user guide and method descriptions [TUG – Apr 2023]
A report describing the data sources and the methods applied for the simulation tool performing the Life cycle Analyses (LCA) as well as a user guide accompanied by the software tool -> Public Summary

4.  Roadmap regulations: upgrading the HD simulation tool and interfaces’ transition to extended VECTO [TUG]
A report describing the additional elements introduced into the software VECTO, the extensions needed in component testing compared to regulation (EU) 2017/2400 accompanied by the extended VECTO software with user guide and examples for applications and results.

5. Validation of the framework platform and scalability [IDIADA]
A report with the correlation between testing and simulation in order to validate the simulation platform developed in LONGRUN project.

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