1 – Objectives

Lead partner: TECNALIA

1 – Results
1 – Reports


  1. Set up a standard for efficient communication between different vehicle emission models, simulation in the loop (SiL) and connected database systems;
  2. Implement and optimise the most advanced modelling tools with the most optimised interfaces;
  3. Compare and validate the new software features by existing models capable of SiL;
  4. Integrate the optional simulation of Well to Tank (WtT) emissions;
  5. Cover the aspects related to connected vehicles and predictive maintenance’;
  6. Extend VECTO in the development fork version to be capable of applying the OEM specific control algorithms for hybrid, driver assistance systems and gear shifting with SiL realisation;
  7. Apply the simulation platform to calculate CO2 reductions achieved in the related WPs by new vehicle technologies close to the CO2 determination regulation (EU) 2017/2400.

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