8 – Reports

Lead partner: VDL 

8 – Objectives
8 – Results


1. Specifications and characteristics of the implemented solutions [VDL – Aug 2021]
Specification sheet of the demo hybrid Coach and EURO6 reference vehicle . Definition of the needed functionalities for ZEUZ driving and eco routing the related modelling architecture and needed hard ware clusters to achieve set goal and specified hybrid modes -> Public Summary

2. Overview of the systems and components design [VDL – Dec 2022]
Overview of final vehicle lay out, E-architecture and hardware; location of the components;new HMI interface ; Eauxillaries, HV system/batteries; vehicle mass distribution related to seat & luggage capacity of the coach; connectivity and diagnostic functionality -> Public Summary

3. Report on the hybrid prototype coach [VDL – Aug 2023]
Report and delivery of the specified Demo hybrid Coach including on road VDL testplan, predictive modelling, data monitoring/collection overview, driver documentation, new controls & HMI -> Public Summary

4. Final Feedback to VECTO report from hybrid coach [VDL]
Intermediate report / results/ impact from VDL on road testing of ZUEZ Hybrid and baseline EURO6 vehicle in relation to Vectotool protocol verifications/simulations.

5. Report vehicle testing and validation [VDL]
Final report including the results of independent functional vehicle performance testing by IDIADA; key innovation impact overview; reporting vehicle efficiency improvements; gained emission and CO2 reductions; business model and TCO consequences validated against the baseline EURO6 vehicle.

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