8 – Reports

Lead partner: VDL 

8 – Objectives
8 – Results


1. Specifications and characteristics of the implemented solutions [VDL – Jun 2020]
Specification sheet of the demo hybrid Coach and EURO6 reference vehicle . Definition of the needed functionalities for ZEUZ driving and eco routing the related modelling architecture and needed hard ware clusters to achieve set goal and specified hybrid modes.

2. Overview of the systems and components design [VDL – Jun 2022]
Overview of final vehicle lay out, E-architecture and hardware; location of the components;new HMI interface ; Eauxillaries, HV system/batteries; vehicle mass distribution related to seat & luggage capacity of the coach; connectivity and diagnostic functionality.

3. Report on the hybrid prototype coach [VDL – Aug 2022]
Report and delivery of the specified Demo hybrid Coach including on road VDL testplan, predictive modelling, data monitoring/collection overview, driver documentation, new controls & HMI.

4. Final Feedback to VECTO report from hybrid coach [VDL – Feb 2023]
Intermediate report / results/ impact from VDL on road testing of ZUEZ Hybrid and baseline EURO6 vehicle in relation to Vectotool protocol verifications/simulations.

5. Report vehicle testing and validation [VDL – Jun 2023]
Final report including the results of independent functional vehicle performance testing by IDIADA; key innovation impact overview; reporting vehicle efficiency improvements; gained emission and CO2 reductions; business model and TCO consequences validated against the baseline EURO6 vehicle.

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