2 – Future powertrains for heavy duty vehicles – Objectives

Lead partner: IFP Energy Nouvelles

2 – Results
2 – Reports


  1. Prove the potential of the connectivity to further reduce the fuel consumption in real driving condition, exploiting the eco-routing, eco-driving, energy and thermal management strategies;
  2. Prove the engine efficiency potential by thermal insulation to contribute to reach 50% brake thermal efficiency;
  3. Provide pathways how highly efficient renewable fuels (from production and combustion side) can be used in existing fleets using also retrofit solutions;
  4. To develop after-treatment systems for the reduction of regulated and unregulated emissions from power-trains operated on bio-methane and Diesel/ Dual-Fuel engines which are integrated into hybrid power-trains. This includes new catalysts, models and layout of complete EAS for two demonstrators;
  5. Definition of the targets to perform the validation, verification and independent assessment.

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