Transport Research Arena (TRA2022), 14-17 November 2022

IFPEN has participated to TRA2022 in Lisbon, with a paper on Eco-routing, one of the LONGRUN topics. The title of the paper was “Connected Services for Heavy-Duty Transport Mission Profile Optimization and Impact Assessment”. Ms. Sol S. Rodriguez, from IFPEN, has presented the proposed approach, where a strategy composed of a mission profile generator, a vehicle model, an optimization algorithm, and an output interface is deployed in the form of a webservice and hosted on an IFPEN cloud. The presentation specifically focused on the mission profile generator that, given a candidate route, uses a contextualization algorithm to reconstruct road constraints (traffic speed, speed limitations, turns, signs, grade, wind) and a Gipps model to provide a target speed profile on that route. Downstream of that, the vehicle model consolidates the speed profile and evaluates the corresponding energy consumption. The optimization algorithm can then find the optimal eco-route and a ranking of sub-optimal route candidates, which can be provided to the user.

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