Innovative combustion and ignition system – CFD and SCE activities update

FPT is very pleased  with the excellent combution system called SwumbleTM, meaning a significant improvement of the efficiency of the spark-ignited engine is in sight!

The single cylinder engine (SCE) was initially installed at the test bench in IFPEN’s facilities with the FPT’s C13 NG configuration for baseline testing.

The following steps were taken during this experimental campaign:

  • IFPEN switched to the SwumbleTM combustion system
  • CR increase
  • Valve lift optimization
  • EGR optimization
  • More aggressive Miller profile for intake valves

Results at 1100rpm-FL show a 15%-improvement in indicated fuel consumption vs. baseline configuration.

Test with Gr on the 6 OPs agreed with IDIADA and FPT performed for a direct comparison with MCE.

The plotted improvements per innovation can be seen below (in colour you see the various steps which led to the final configuration and results). Second chart shows the relative improvements.

You can find IFPEN at the 2024 MTZ Conference “Heavy-Duty, On- and Off-Highway Engines” where they will present a paper on this topic.