Component Innovation for E-Drives

11-13 February 2020 in Berlin, Germany

LONGRUN at the Conference: Component Innovation for E-drives

Ford Otosan was attending the conference and gave a presentation mainly focused on “high level” challenges regarding implementing an e-axle for a heavy duty vehicle ( packaging, weight, power and what it takes to achieve high level targets cascaded to the eMotor that will be used in the design). The audience group was industry based experts.

The following topics were discussed:

  • Benefits of e-axle drivetrain concepts for heavy duty vehicles within the scope of presentation.
  • Packaging impact on vehicle architecture, especially impact for the battery assemblies.
  • Design elements of an e-axle and possible design actions.
  • Design packaging limitations as unit e-axle shown as below and impact of gearing and e-motor selection.
  • Powertrain targets for unit e-axle design, e-motor selection and comparison.

Figure 1: Unit e-axle 

Within LONGRUN Ford Otosan is leading the part regarding ‘Hybrid vehicle ICE fueled with HVO and electrical axle‘. A public summary is available for ‘Concept selection and fuel economy road map‘ > don’t miss out!

High speed, reliable and efficient: Drive Cycle Systems and Components for EVS

The conference aims to:

  • Discover latest developments in high-speed e-motors and electrified drivetrains and their components
  • Find out new concepts of drive cycle efficiency improvements
  • Discover the developments in bearing and sealing innovations for powertrain applications
  • Get to know innovative strategies for friction optimization for rotating parts of engine and transmission
  • Learn about innovative materials for electric machine and transmission applications