Technical assessment group

In month 10 (October/November 2020) of the LONGRUN project initial draft roadmaps including a revision of the T0 baselines of OEMs are ready. Industry advisory board members will play a major role in reviewing these, making sure there is a broad adoption later on of the recommendations. At the end of LONGRUN (month 42, June 2023), final Roadmaps are ready and agreed on.


The LONGRUN project will summarise results in Roadmaps:

  • Electrification
    Assessment of each of technology applied to electrify long haul trucks / coaches.
  • CO2┬áreduction
    Assessment of all the different LONGRUN technologies for the CO2 reduction, presented as technological road-map allowing the targeted CO2 reduction.
  • Emission reduction
    Summary and conclusions from the five use cases of this cluster, fundamentals and performance characteristics of two full-size aftertreatment systems.
  • Thermal efficiency pathways
    Summary of the most effective measures studied in the work packages and their combination for highest thermal efficiency. It includes a future renewable fuel road-map which presents an ecological and economic pathway to decarbonize the transport sector. It will summarise the activities and will include recommendations and needed boundary conditions to push renewable fuels into a wide usage as fast as possible.