Primafrio validation of LONGRUN Truck via Field Trial

GrupoPrimafrio has done the first validation test of the prototype truck of the DAF model XG 2023 powered by HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil).

HVO is a new-generation fuel produced from vegetable oils and waste fats, which will reduce carbon emissions by up to 90%. In addition, the truck integrates the latest technology on the market to save more than 10% of energy consumption.


Within the framework of the LONGRUN project, Primafrio,DAF Trucks España and the Netherlands, FEV Group, Lehrstuhl für Thermodynamik mobiler Energiewandlungssysteme, RWTH Aachen University, Garrett – Advancing Motion, DENSO Europe, Neste, Eindhoven University of Technology and IFP Energies nouvelles, have worked together on the design, validation and approval of new technologies, such as;

  • ICE thermal efficiency optimization
  • CO2 Neutral Fuels and emission reduction (HVO)
  • Connectivity (Eco-routing / Eco-driving)
  • Air drag reduction (various measures from EU project Aeroflex)
  • Rolling resistance reduction with @Goodyear Truck & Bus Mobility – Europe tyres


Primafrio has recently set sail with the DAF LONGRUN prototype truck, equipped with new energy saving features to collect vehicle data during a 40.000 km field trial. This is the first validation test of the truck.

GrupoPrimafrio’s Innovation Director, Adrián Valverde Mateo in Eindhoven, where the vehicle was delivered to him.


In addition, DAF has worked on several aero features. The goal of each aero item is to reduce the air drag of the vehicle, hence reducing the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.